Thursday, 23 July 2020

Mass Figures

Here are the Mass figures for last weekend. The figure in brackets the lower end of how many 'units' can attend. A unit can be one single person, or a whole family/household/bubble - or even those who have travelled together in the same car.So the figure in the brackets can increase. So in Shepton it may be only that 40 single people attend, but if they are in bubbles/families/households/cars, then the number can be much larger.

Shepton Saturday 6.00pm - 35  (40)
Glastonbury Saturday 6.00pm - 35 (50)
Cheddar Sunday 9.00am - 30 (25)
Shepton Sunday 9.00am - 28 (40)
Wells Sunday 10.30am - 22 (16)
Glastonbury Sunday 10.30am - 36 (50)
Cheddar Sunday 11am - no information
Glastonbury Sunday 12.15 - 32 (50)
Glastonbury Sunday 5.00pm - 13 (50)

The only Mass to be careful about at Wells, and Cheddar 9.00am is getting full. The Masses that can easily expand, because of the size of the Church are at Glastonbury. We estimate that the range of number of people that can be accommodated in Glastonbury is 50-120 (with and in suitable bubbles!!!)

Before lockdown the average number of people attending the four parishes was 650. We estimate 250 currently attend.

There is still no obligation to hear Sunday Mass.

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