Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Week day Mass times

As part of the weekend provision of Mass after the lockdown, we have reconfigured the Mass times during the week.

These do not include any Masses which Fr Wally will say in Cheddar, and do not include the Saturday/Sunday Masses. We will post these later, when further decisions have been made.

All of these Masses now will take place at 10.00am and are the Ordinary form of the Mass in English

Monday: Glastonbury 10.00am
Tuesday: Shepton 10.00am
Wednesday: Wells 10.00am
Thursday: Cheddar 10.00am
Friday: Wells 10.00am
Saturday: Glastonbury 10.00am

There will also be the Conventual Latin Mass in Glastonbury daily at 7.30am

Please remember that the Bishops have not reimposed the Sunday Obligation yet, so please use these weekday Masses in place of the Sunday, if you are not able to get to the Vigil/Sunday provision (which we will outline in the next few days).

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