Thursday, 6 February 2020

Another Reformation NOW!

At a recent Community visit to Hereford Anglican Cathedral (build by us, stolen... etc...) there is a wonderful quasi medieval shrine to St Thomas of Cantilupe, you can see it on the Cathedral website here. It also has the Mappa Mundi, and I was very please to see that Glastonbury is mentioned.

Well, not just mentioned, it is there bold as brass!

So that was all very well and good, but then I went into gift shop and saw this!!!!

An innocent display of jewelry items? I hear you cry. But no!!! take a closer look...

INDULGENCES! AN Anglican Cathedral selling indulgences! It's all a bit rum seeing that they got so cross last time! Let me tell you, it is only a matter of time before all those nice new statues and shrines will be brought to naught and not a stone left on top of another, and horses stabled in the sanctuary, and the Kings commissioners... all over again, and all because of selling indulgences!

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