Friday, 6 December 2019

Isle of Wight

Quarr Abbey
The Community of Our Lady of Glastonbury paid a visit to the Isle of Wight.

Needless to say, the highlights were going to Quarr Abbey, and St Cecilia's in Ryde. What fantastic places. I hope and pray that they flourish as they sing the praises of God.

The extraordinary thing about Quarr is that it was designed by a monk, for monks. So it is not only beautiful, but is exactly what a Benedictine community needs.

St Cecelia's on the other hand, though a fine building etc etc. is made and founded on the voices of the holy nuns. If you want to have a hint of what heaven is going to sound like, then go to Ryde. It is not just music, anyone can sing just music - it is the voices of heaven and earth intertwined.

St Cecilia's, Ryde

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