Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wonderfully Refreshing

In a generally negative interview with Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, the Archbishop puts forward many interesting points. The full interview is here, and here are some highlights...

McMahon says the proportion of pupils in Catholic schools from deprived areas and the proportion from ethnic minority backgrounds are both above average, as indeed they are. 
 “The Church of England runs schools for the wider community,” McMahon says. “Ours are different. They are for the Catholic community.” Though non-Catholics account for a third of pupils, and nearly 10% are Muslims, the archbishop is clear: by canon law, schools are forbidden to turn away Catholic parents in favour of non-Catholics.
Is it fair that non-Catholics should pay for schools from which their own children may be excluded? “Parents’ rights to educate their children as they wish is fundamental,” he says.
“It’s not just the faith school sector which is faced with mono-cultural schools. Many community schools comprise predominantly one ethnicity and faith.”
“We are not anti-grammar schools,” says McMahon. “There are already seven existing Catholic grammar schools and we welcome a diversity of provision that promotes parental choice.” It will be up to individual diocesan authorities, he says, whether to open new ones.
Did some pupils have same-sex parents? “Why would same-sex parents want to send their children to a Catholic school? 

Read the whole thing, it really is quite excellent. The writer, of course, simply doesn't get Catholic Education, but perhaps that says more about the liberal intelligensia, than it does Catholic Education.

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