Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Virgin Mary in Liturgy, Literature and Life

Here is the publicity for this conference... I'm speaking after Bishop Schneider, so no stress there!

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the death of St Louis Grignon de Montfort, Chavagnes Studium is hosting an international inter-disciplinary conference on "the Virgin Mary in Liturgy, Literature and Life", from 2-4 August, 2016.

With Bishop Athanasius Schneider as keynote speaker, on the theme "The Virgin Mary and the Defence of the Faith", daily Mass, Vespers and Benediction, a pilgrimage to St Laurent sur Sèvre (with the tomb of St Louis de Montfort) and a meal aboard a former restaurant car of the Orient Express, plus good Catholic cheer every evening, it is set to be a great Catholic holiday for intellectual Catholics.

See here for information.

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