Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Proud to be a Member

I am proud to be a member of a group of nearly 500 priests who added their signatures to a petition calling on the members of the synod on the family to defend marriage and the teaching that comes to us from Christ. The Catholic Herald link is here.

How bizarre that this should even be called for, that we have come so far as to actually think that the teaching of Christ could be changed, and the practice of the Church could be ditched.

The Voice of the Family website (which defends the traditional teaching on the family) is here. Of course, exactly what difference this will make, when 'senior' (very senior) churchmen in England and Wales wanted it to be pulled as soon as he found out about it, it beyond me. But we cannot simply sit back and not raise our voices even in so muted a way.

So I am proud to be a member of this group.

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