Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Charming Postcard from Chavagnes

I do not know when this was written/sent, but it is quite charming. Obviously it is a postal card of the dormitory in Chavagnes. Actually it is only one of the dormitories, and I do not know how many were in use at the time.

The lovely thing is that there is a letter on the back. As far as I can tell, this is what it says (I have kept the original spellings):

Cher Parrain et Marraine
Je vous envoie cet carte qui, j’espere, vous fera bien plaisir. Depuis [mercredi] vendredi je suis bien rabituer. Samedi dernier on etait en retraite. Sur la gravure de cette carte il y a les 2/3 du dortoir. Il y a a peu pres 60 eleves dans ce dortoir. J’ai demandé au Luc Gandriau si vous ne lui aviez pas parler de moi et il m’a dit que oui. Les vacances de mardi gras sont dans un mois du 8 au 13. J’espere aller vous voir a Pulteau mais si je ne pouvais pas je vous écrierais.
Votre filleul qui prie pour vous
It translates roughly as:
My dear Godfather and Godmother
I am sending you this card which, I hope, will please you. Since (Wednesday) Friday, I have settled in well. Last Saturday we were on retreat. The engraving on this card shows two thirds of the dormitory. There are about 60 pupils in this dormitory. I asked Luc Gandriau if you mentioned me, and he said you had. The Shrove Tuesday holidays are a month away, from the 8th to the 13th. I hope to come and see you at Pulteau, but if I can’t, then I will write to you.
Your Godson, who is praying for you both.
I cannot make out the name of the boy who sent it. If you can read it, then send me an email.

I have another post card with a message on the back, which I will put up in a few days. It would be lovely if we could find out who this boy was.

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