Sunday, 28 September 2014

Jesuit Gubbins

I'm staying in the Jesuit House in Copenhagen, the Jesu Hjerte Kirke. And it is marvellously Jesuit of a certain age. In many ways it reminds me of the clergy accomodation which you find in Rome.

One thing caught my eye. It is an electronic system for telling people if you are in or out. It must have been very technological at the time, and is still used. There is an electric box in the downstairs corridor with light that light up, depending on whether you have indicated you are in or not. It is shown in your own room, with a series of little light bulbs, and is changed by a simple connection system next to the door. It is wonderful!

There is also the older system next to the door of each room. You slide the pointer to show what you are up to, or where you are. Same thing a few decades later.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Monday's Mass

Den Hellige Messe

i den ekstraordinære form af den romerske ritus. 
Fejres på festen for den hellige Ærkeengel Michael
Den 29. september kl. 18:00 i Jesu Hjerte Kirke, Thorsgade 22, 8900 Randers
Med efterfølgende reception i Jesu Hjertes sognelokale.
This is from the site of Saint Canute (link here) which promotes the traditional liturgy in Denmark. Thanks to them I am here in Copenhagen where I will sing Holy Mass in the morning, and in Randers where I will sing it on Monday in honour of St Michael.
(By the way I can post this not because of the wonderfulness of any broad band packages, but because I seem to have got into the Jesuits of Copenhagen computer system! Gosh.)


I have to come to an airport to be able to blog! My move has gone very well except for one thing: getting a BT telephone line. 

The problem seems to be that my house does not exist, even though the priest before me had a line there and received bills. 

BT asked me on the telephone if the house was a new build. Not for a couple of hundred years - I replied. 

Sarcasm didn't work and I'm still waiting. 

The reason I'm in an airport is that I'm off to Copenhagen to sing Mass. How cool!

(I've tried to post this a number of times. I think BT are following me... And not in a good way.)

Twilight at Great Swinburne

Monday, 15 September 2014

High Mass Pictures


Et Incarnatus Est


The Consecration

The Communion

Benedicat vos...

(photos thanks to Sara Harvey-Craig)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pictures of High Mass

This is a picture of a cake at my farewell Mass in Dursley. Pictures of the Mass can be found here and here. I have some others which I'll put up.

It really was quite a do, And the wonderful thing is that the only part that should stop a High Mass is a want of Deacon and Subdeacon. Servers and musicians here in Dursley are aplenty.

Up north on Tuesday. Gosh.

Friday, 12 September 2014

My New Church

Catholic Church, Great Swinburne

Small but simple with arched windows and built in 1841.

This is also believed to be the site of the chapel of the Blessed Virgin. It probably stood at the west end of the village of Great Swinburne. It was probably destroyed in the 14th or 15th centuries. There are no remains to be seen today.

I have always wanted to be the Priest of a Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Glastonbury Mass

The LMS Pilgrimage to Glastonbury

 There will be a Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form on

Monday, 8th September at 11:00 am


Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury

Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EJ

The Celebrant will be Fr Bede Rowe

All are welcome

Tea and coffee will be available afterwards in the Church Hall, please bring a packed lunch

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Friends of the Suffering Souls

Thinking of St Nicholas of Tolentino and the Septenarium, I remember the work of FOSS, the Friends of the Suffering Souls.

The link is here. Their website says:

Welcome to the website of the Friends of the Suffering Souls, a Catholic Lay Association conducting a perpetual novena of Masses for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
This association was inspired by the 100 consecutive Masses offered for the Holy Souls by the Venerable Archdeacon Cavanagh, Parish Priest of Knock prior to the appearance there of Our Blessed Mother in 1879.
Each member undertakes to arrange at least one Mass each year for our deceased members and for all the Holy Souls.
But you can arrange as many Masses as you wish for this novena.
It is our goal to reach an average of 200 Masses for the holy souls each and every day of the year.
I have been a member for a number of years. You undertake to have a Mass said (in the new form or the Traditional form) at least once a year - they suggest on your birthday, as it is a date that you always remember.

Purgatorial societies were always a part of the life of the Church and are still essential.  There were whole Churches dedicated to it. See here, for example.

Please pray for the souls in purgatory, and have masses said for them. It is the only help that we can now give them.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Septenarium of St Nicholas of Tolentino

The Feast of Nicholas of Tolentino is on the tenth of September. There is a devotion to this holy saint as a patron of the Holy Souls in purgatory. During his life St Nicholas had visions of the suffering souls, and since then his prayers were asked to ease their purification.

There is a devotion to him called the Septenarium, seven days of prayer for the Holy Souls before his feast. As with the novena to the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, it ends on the feast day iself.

The Septenarium begins TOMORROW, and continues until the tenth.

Here is a prayer to be recited daily for the intentions of a holy soul.

O Lord, God of holiness and light
You do not allow any shadow of darkness or evil 
in Your sight and so in Your mercy 
You grant to those who have left this world 
burdened with sin, a time of purification, 
applying to them the spiritual treasures of your Holy Church.

Hear my prayer 
and through the merits of Christ, 
the Blessed Virgin Mary, the saints 
and all Your faithful people 
bring to an end this time of waiting 
for our beloved dead, especially for N. (insert the name here).
In Your providence 
You have chosen Saint Nicholas 
as a special intercessor on behalf of the departed; 
hear also his prayer for those 
whom I recommend to You 
through his intercession.

Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Correction: the Pentecost novena like the Septenarium ends on the day before the feast. I hope St Nicholas won't mind my mistake too much. Next year I'll put all the perayers up.)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bye Bye Clifton

Farewell High Mass for Fr Bede Rowe

St Bede the Venerable - Patron of Historians

The scheduled Mass at St Dominic's, Dursley next Sunday, 7th September, at 5:30 pm will be a High Mass celebrated by Fr Bede Rowe with refreshments afterwards.  This will be Fr Bede's last Mass in the Clifton Diocese for the foreseeable future, apart from the LMS Glastonbury Pilgrimage on the next day, so please do come along to bid him a fond farewell.  As many of you will know Fr Bede has been on secondment for the past three years at Chavagnes International College in France.  He returned in July but at the moment there is no role for him within the Diocese.  Fr Bede is a great exponent of the Latin Mass and during his time at St George's in Warminster became something of a rallying point for the priests within the Diocese who celebrated the Latin Mass.  He will become the private chaplain in Great Swinburne in Northumberland and will be going to Durham to take a PhD, he will be sorely missed.  Please pray for him and for all our priests who courageously bring us the Latin Mass.

From Clifton Latin Mass Blog, here.
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