Friday, 25 October 2013

Scouting Round Up

No, not rounding up scouts and making sure that they are doing their good deeds (our good deeds I should say, as I am a scout), but rather during this half term time, taking a moment to do the stuff that I should have done ages ago but just not got round to.

One such thing is the account of the commisioning of an assistant scout master. See it here on the headmaster's blog.

Scouting here in France is wonderful. It gives a sense of service and identity to boys of all ages. It is not a kids thing, but continues as a boy becomes a young man.

Our scouts are at the service of God and their country. They are committed to a life striving for perfection, a life of chivalry and honour, where nobility and deprecation are mocked. A life of purity in a world of filth.

A scout is at one with his world, and his place in it. He is at one with his Father in heaven and his mother, the Church.

Scouts are a force for good.

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