Friday, 16 August 2013

Mozart on the Last Day

I have just received a recording of the final Mass of last term. We were lucky enough to have the sister of one of our boys who came to sing the solo parts of Mozart's Coronation Mass. A visiting teacher sang the tenor line. Our own choir sang the rest.

Now I have heard this before of course, but it was quite magnificent to have it as the music for Mass. The Mass was in the Ancient Rite, so the music fitted beautifully.

Mozart, who kindly wrote the music for the Mass that we sung at school
On the last day the parents come for the feast and festivities. If you want to showcase your school, then you'd be hard pushed to do it in a better way:

Mass at the heart of education
Boys singing with gusto in a choir
Boys serving with fervour on the altar
The praise of God resounding with joyful abandon
The adoration of God... not the school or the boys.

Listen to the links... not bad for a school of 40, eh?

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