Thursday, 15 August 2013

Exam Results Day

Like many young people and parents I am sitting around waiting to find out the AS exam results.

Even though I know the syllabus and taught to it, and (I hope) engaged the students, I am still so nervous!

Not quite what will happen if they mess up... but close!
When the AS candidates went in for their exam I had a thought...

How many students sit Religious Studies AS level?
Of them, how many use the AQA board?
Of them, how many chose the Old Testament option (from among the 12 or so offered)?
Of them, how many chose to do the rise of prophecy and the prophet Amos?

And so I wonder... were my students the only ones in the world talking about the rise of the prophetic guilds in the 9th century??!

(p.s. I can recommend this fantastic book about the Old Testament. Link here.)

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