Friday, 5 July 2013

More Saints

You can never have enough of them.

This report by the BBC (link here) is interesting because it simply points out what 'the world' thinks is inportant in these men's lives.

Blessed John Paul II 
Although widely regarded as one of the great popes of modern times, John Paul's 26-year pontificate was tarnished by his handling of the clerical sex abuse scandal that has rocked the global Church.Critics say some of the Church's other deep-seated problems - such as its dysfunctional management and financial scandals at the Vatican bank - stem from shortcomings of his reign.
Blessed John XXIII
Pope John XXIII reigned from 1958 until 1963 and was known as "Good Pope John" because of his kindly demeanour.The Italian convened the Second Vatican Council but died before it was completed.Vatican II, as it became known, led to significant changes in Church doctrine and opened the way for Mass to be conducted in worshippers' own languages, rather than solely in Latin.

So Blessed John Paul II is reduced to sex and money, and John XXIII to smiling and opening the Second Vatican Council.

Others will point out their respective importance, I just think that it is interesting that the man who saved the Church's moral teaching and gave an understanding of the human person which will last generations is reduced to two scandals and that the man who proclaimed the essential nature of Latin and who held the liturgy of the Church with such a simply trust is charged with the wholesale destruction of that same liturgy and that language.

I will beg their prayers from heaven, but it will not be about the Vatican bank nor English in the liturgy!

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