Thursday, 11 July 2013

End of Joseph

Joseph and his amazing Technicolour Dreamcoet
While Joseph endears himself to his father, the brothers plot
Like many schools up and down the country Chavagnes put on an end of term play. Ours this year was that old favourite Joseph. It was quite excellent.

Joseph tied and bound
Mr Tyldesley wrote a script that had more to do with the everyday life of Chavagnes folk and paid a passing nod to the Biblical account.
Potiphar sleeps, and his wife has wicked thoughts
Joseph calls on the name of the Lord
Not all of the musical numbers were performed either, but others were added... I Will Call upon the Lord was sung when Joseph was being tempted by Potiphar's wife and the Macarena was sung by a dodgy Ishmaelite/Spaniard to make Joseph dance...

Dodgy Ishmaelite/Spaniard
"boy for sale, boy for sale, goood boy, he work, he strong, he also dance too, eeeeh macarena, I loves zat song, dance boy, dance"
the pictures are from the dress rehearsal.

I'm pround to have made the costume for Joseph and the Pharaoh.
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