Tuesday, 15 January 2013


The indoctrination of the young is a delicate thing. It must be carried out carefully, from step to step so that they have a whole system of belief.

Doesn't that sound chilling? But get over it. We all indoctrinate the young. Of course it matters what standpoint it is, but we cannot deny that this is what we are doing in many many spheres of life.

Television indoctrinates them. Of course they will learn that such things are not 'real' and that they may take a stand against them - or define themselves against them in later life, but indoctrination is present.

Of course we can say that it is not indoctrination but could use a more neutral term ... say, 'influence'. I think that is fine as long as you could then say that you did not want to push an agenda, that you did not want to shape or form the minds of the young through the 'influnce' that they were experiencing. It is all indoctrination.

But that is manifestly not the case, from Blue Peter telling us that it is a good thing to help the poor around the globe, or that it is a bad thing that a vicar will not marry a couple of lesbians in Coronation Street.

So far I have said nothing about influence or indoctrination, well nothing about the content of it, I have merely said that it occurs all the time from all sources: families, schools, media, friends etc., etc., etc.

I want to think about indoctrination in the next few days. It is very important.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Frustrated Painter

I'm really just a frustrated painter I have discovered. Not so much portraits and the like but it seems to be walls.

I had a blankish wall in my class room. It was actually covered in a huge map of the UK, but that kept falling off the wall because the boys used to steal the infinitely superior blu-tack and try to replace it with rubbish pattefix. So I had an inspiration. I painted it. You can see the beginnings of it here and rather like Rolf Harris I can say "can you see what it is yet?" If you can then well done.

I quite like doing large things and seeing what the response is from people. The boys simply said "does Mr McDermott know about it?" well ho sort of did because I asked him in a moment of busy eatingness one evening. I do not think he heard me! And Mr McDermott... well he has bee silent of the subject.

It is one whole wall of my class room. I acnnot really imagine such a free hand anywhere else. But thingn thing is not finished yet, so when it is I shall post more pictures.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kings and Boys

Both Kings and Boys have arrived this week. The Magi came to the nativity (in my mum's nativity they are rather multicoloured spiffy people) and the boys came back to school.

I'm not sure which would have been the most disquieting. The Kings must have cut a dash as they appeared in the middle of nowhere bearing gifts. There must have been a sense of "what now" from our Lady. But they do bring with them the second revelation. First was the revelation of Christ in the flesh at the Nativity, then the Kings with the revelation to the Gentiles and then finally the revelation of the true identitiy or Christ at His baptism.

So the Kings come and they are essential. As essential as boys are to a school. Without them this is just a school building. With them it fulfuls the purpose for which it was designed.

So welcome my dear Kings and welcome my dear boys.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Behind the times

There is a huge bloody elephant in the room and he's called Humanae Vitae
Having been in the north for a  few days, I am a little behind the times.

But Bishop Egan is wonderful!
In 1968, at the height of the Sixties, Pope Paul VI wrote an Encyclical Letter that then and now many Catholics find difficult. He repeated the traditional teaching of the Church, based on the natural law and confirmed by revelation, that sexual intercourse is an integral act for love and for life, and that these two aspects of sexuality – love and life - cannot be divorcedHumanae Vitae was a prophetic document. Pope Paul spoke of catastrophic consequences for society and culture if these two ends of marriage were split. 45 years on, we can see what he meant in such things as the reduction of sex to a leisure activity, the trafficking of people for prostitution and pornography, broken family relationships, and the explosion of addictive behaviours leading to despair, shame and guilt.
see full text here.

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