Saturday, 28 April 2012

An Unconventional Lesson

For some bizarre reason, my GCSE Religion Class asked me if they could watch a DVD. Exactly why they decided that this was going to happen is quite beyond me as we have never watched a DVD!

But one boy, who has a Scottish Grandfather, made the great mistake of asking if we could watch "Braveheart".

Well... you see I'm from Newcastle in the North of England, and have a firm belief that Hadrian's Wall was built for the very sensible reason of keeping the Scots at bay generally and specifically stopping them coming down and stealing our sheep and our women.

I explained this at some length to Ambroise, the boy in question, with, as you can see on the board at the top of the post, the aid of diagrams.

For good measure I had a go at a Frenchman as well. Although they deny it, Frenchmen do carry baguettes under their arms.

If it's any consolation, they did suggest that the Englishman was not the marrying kind (if you get my meaning!).
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