Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Sunday Afternoon Walk

When I visited the school the Headmaster, Mr McDermott, asked me my what my hobbies were. I had answered that they were all religious. Because they are. I remember that in Seminary this was thought to be an odd thing... so I believe I made up something for them. I can't remember what exactly. Definitely not sport, as I could not, and still cannot, bluff my way through a conversation about sport.

So Mr McDermott put on the web site that I was a keen walker. Proof of this slight of hand is here. His evidence for this was that I did the Paris to Chartres Pilgrimage. Doing one ridiculously long walk per year does not make you a keen walker, but never mind.

This 'keen walker' business means that I am down to take the junior boys on walk on Sunday afternoon, and this was the first afternoon. I took ten out, and brought twelve back, and two (I think) 'avoided' the walk by being terribly involved in something else.

Chavagnes International College from a distance

It was not too far, though the speed of the boys ranged from lightening fast to foot-draggingly slow. It was a hoot.

It is blackberry season, so we picked and ate them as we went along. Then, with a spark of inventiveness, one boy decided that you could carry many more, and thus eat many more, if he put them in some sort of carrying thing. He hooked up the front of his tee shirt and used that.

The tee shirt was white. Blackberries are not! I dread to think what is going to happen when Mme Gilbert (who does the laundry) finds out.

Blackberries and white tee shirts do not make a good combination

We prayed at a chapel where Our Lady appeared to a little girl, and at a wayside crucifix to gain an indulgence. The boys seem to be trying to see if anyone is hiding behind the Crucifix. I'm not entirely sure why.

An Indulgences Crucifix with added boys

So our walk is complete, until next Sunday. And then we will go on our way with speed and slowness, and we will pray and sing, and talk nonsense and eat blackberries.
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