Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Statues on the Altar Gradine

Stonyhurst not only has many fine things, but also uses them. I'll get round to the relics later on today, but the Museum Lady (lovely lady who stopped me filling my bags with all of these things!) brought out, as it were, things both old and new.

Some criticise these things. Fine expensive articles for the cult of the Church. But not only are they part of the living tradition of the Church - the expression of the faith of generations past, but they are living reminder of the Incarnation. We are poor fallen beings and need beauty to raise our minds to God. I am not holy enough for my mind alone to take me to God. My senses need to be filled, to be drenched with the beauty of God's creation and the work if human hands.

There were two statues worked in silver about a foot high. The one with a sword in his head, as the sign of his martyrdom, is St Thomas Becket. The other is St Chad.

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