Saturday, 24 September 2011

A note on the flags

I have been able to sense a great amount of curiosity in the flags in my office. The one on the left, of course is the Vatican Flag.

Vatican Flag

No self respecting chaplain's office would be fully equipped without it. The other is a little different.

Royal Banner of England
This is the royal banner of England. It has quite an ancient pedigree. Luckily I know almost nothing about flags, so will not be able to bore you with screeds and screeds about it. If it were divinised door deities with reference to Psalm 23, then you would never be able to shut me up.

The flag is also there because it is the central emblem of my College, Oriel. A fine and great establishment. None the worse for housing Blessed John Henry, Cardinal Newman and myself.

Floreat Oriel
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