Friday, 9 September 2011

The New Altar Arrangement

Have no fear, there is nothing terrible happening at Chavagnes! I have not crept into the chapel in the middle of the night and taken a crowbar to the Altar and put in its place a circular coffee table and a number of comfy chairs.
Chavagnes Chapel circa 1959
Chavagnes Chapel 2011

Here is a picture of the Altar arrangement as it now is and as it was at sometime in the past (I think from 1959). You can see that the reredos has been taken down and that the flooring has been altered. The tabernacle is still on the Altar, though I believe that it was for a while on a plinth to the side. The central cross has also been replaced.

The current Altar arrangement is quite fine. The Altar is a little too deep, because the reredos was used to make a 'back' of the Altar and to extend it. I'll put a picture at another time.

An unfortunate result of dismantling the reredos is that it is terribly distracting if the door to the incense sacristy comes open during Mass!

You can see, however, that Chavagnes Chapel survived remarkable well.
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