Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Marriage of Mr & Mrs Edward Allanson

My reason in coming back to this country was to marry a good friend of mine Edward to Mags. They are both teachers in Stonyhurst College which used to be the great Jesuit school on Lancashire, and is now a great school in the Jesuit tradition.

I was so touched that they asked me to marry them. Of course the service was beautiful, the setting magnificent, the bride beautiful... and all that. But I was able to take their vows and elevate them to the sacramental realm - to give them the surety of God's continued help and protection through the whole of their married lives.

I'll post about sone of the amazing things in Stonyhurst tomorrow. Tonight I wish God's blessings and the protection of the saints on my friends. I gave then saints: Karl of Austria and Margaret Clitheroe. They will help and guide them.

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