Friday, 23 September 2011

The Chaplain's Office

I mean, the physical Office and not what I do. What I do is varied, from the obvious saying Mass, leading prayers, to teaching and catechising. Not to mention mooching around, playing with paper aeroplanes, answering questions about exorcisms, teaching boys to be thurifers, hearing confessions, praising the ability to throw a football over your head using only your feet (apparently very tricky and much to be desired!), learing how to throw a half full plastic bottle of water in the air so that it just misses a car, but falls on the ground and soaks the shoes of your friend.

These are priestly tasks.

But none of this is about none of the above. I have eventually got my office as I want it and can now hear confessions here, if the choir is in chapel and I cannot get access to the confessional, and also teach. I have a white board and desks, which are cunningly off shot.

As you can see I also have the wherewithal to take up my other job as a highway man, and in case a visiting Bishop has forgotten his zucchetto, I an help him out.

I like very much my office. (I have begun to speak in badly translated French).
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