Saturday, 17 October 2020

New Mass Times from November 2020

New Mass Schedule from the beginning of November

Vigil Masses:

6.00pm Wells
6.00pm Glastonbury

Sunday Masses:

9.00am Cheddar
9.00am Shepton
10.30am         Wells (those who cannot travel, etc)
10.30am         Glastonbury
11.00am         Cheddar (with Fr Wally)
12.15pm         Glastonbury (Latin)

Monday : 10.00am Glastonbury
Tuesday: 10.00am Shepton
Wednesday: 10.00am Wells
Thursday: Cheddar Mass is suspended while there are building works
Friday: 10.00am Wells
Saturday: 10.00am Glastonbury


Saturday Vigil Mass moves from Shepton to Wells
Numbers allowed in Wells increase
No Sunday evening Mass in Glastonbury

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