Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Mass figures for the weekend 3/4 October

 The Mass figures for the weekend 3/4 October

The figure in brackets the lower end of how many 'units' can attend. A unit can be one single person, or a whole family/household/bubble - or even those who have travelled together in the same car. So the figure in the brackets can increase. So in Shepton it may be only that 40 single people attend, but if they are in bubbles/families/households/cars, then the number can be much larger.

Shepton Saturday 6.00pm - 22  (40) - down 8
Glastonbury Saturday 6.00pm - 43 (50) - down 11 
Cheddar Sunday 9.00am - 24 (25) - down 1 
Shepton Sunday 9.00am - 27 (40) - no change
Wells * Sunday 10.30am - 19 (16) - down 12 
Glastonbury Sunday 10.30am - 29 (50) - down 19
Cheddar Sunday 11am - 3 (25) - down 2 
Glastonbury Sunday 12.15 - 33 (50) - down 3
Glastonbury Sunday 5.00pm - 20 (50) - up 2

This Mass is for the vulnerable who cannot travel, many thanks for keeping the numbers at this low level, it is essential so that the Mass can continue.

Our numbers this weekend were down 54 on the weekend before over the four parishes. 

Over the past weeks the numbers have been 274

220 people came to Mass in total. Our Mass figures would normally have been 573.


Data based on four point simple rolling average:
This will start again when four weeks data are available, until then it is a simple average beginning Weekend 26/27 Sept

247 (Generated 04/10/20)
274 (Generate 27/09/20)


[For those interested in statistical analysis, I have started using a four point simple rolling average. This should iron out statistical inconsistencies and give a clearer view of the trends within the four parishes as a whole. If for whatever reason the numbers are inflated or deflated for one weekend, four point rolling averages help to level out these outliers.]

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