Friday, 28 August 2020

Last Minute Change this Weekend

 Fr Bede has sustained a back injury, and cannot stand or sit. He will not be able to cover any of the Masses in the four parishes this weekend. This means that there are some last-minute cancellations. 

There will be no Mass in Wells. 

The Saturday evening in Shepton is cancelled. 

The Sunday 9am in Cheddar is cancelled. 

We are very sorry indeed about this, and apologise for the inconvenience. I do ask you too to pray for Fr Bede's swift recovery.

The Masses that will take place this weekend 29th/30th August are as follows:

Saturday 6pm - Glastonbury
Sunday 9am - Shepton Mallet
Sunday 10.30am - Glastonbury
Sunday 11am - classroom at Cheddar, with Fr Wally
Sunday 12.15 - Latin Mass in Glastonbury
Sunday 5pm - Glastonbury.

Once again I am sorry about this. We will keep you informed. Weekday Masses continue as normal.
Thank you 

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