Sunday, 2 August 2020

Mass Figures Weekend 1st/2nd August

The Mass figures for the weekend 25/26. 

The figure in brackets the lower end of how many 'units' can attend. A unit can be one single person, or a whole family/household/bubble - or even those who have travelled together in the same car.So the figure in the brackets can increase. So in Shepton it may be only that 40 single people attend, but if they are in bubbles/families/households/cars, then the number can be much larger.

Shepton Saturday 6.00pm - 27  (40) - up 9
Glastonbury Saturday 6.00pm - 31 (50) - down 7
Cheddar Sunday 9.00am - 16 (25) - down 8
Shepton Sunday 9.00am - 33 (40) - up 4
Wells Sunday 10.30am - 13 (16) - down 15
Glastonbury Sunday 10.30am - 41 (50) - up 16
Cheddar Sunday 11am - no information
Glastonbury Sunday 12.15 - 34 (50) - up 3
Glastonbury Sunday 5.00pm - 25 (50) - down 7

Our numbers this weekend were down 3 on the weekend before over the four parishes. 

Over the past week the numbers have been 231, 223, 220. We have been decreasing every week. 

220 people came to Mass in total. Our Mass figures would normally have been 573.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Face Masks

From next weekend, the Government has said that we must wear face masks at Holy Mass. 

We have not heard from our own Bishop or the Bishops of England and Wales yet, but I'm sure they will confirm the law before next weekend. If not, then we will follow the law anyway. 

If you are exempt, then please do not wear a face mask. As a general rule of thumb... if you wear a mask to go shopping, then wear a mask to come to Church.

(p.s. this is the 1000th post!)

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