Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Week day Mass times

As part of the weekend provision of Mass after the lockdown, we have reconfigured the Mass times during the week.

These do not include any Masses which Fr Wally will say in Cheddar, and do not include the Saturday/Sunday Masses. We will post these later, when further decisions have been made.

All of these Masses now will take place at 10.00am and are the Ordinary form of the Mass in English

Monday: Glastonbury 10.00am
Tuesday: Shepton 10.00am
Wednesday: Wells 10.00am
Thursday: Cheddar 10.00am
Friday: Wells 10.00am
Saturday: Glastonbury 10.00am

There will also be the Conventual Latin Mass in Glastonbury daily at 7.30am

Please remember that the Bishops have not reimposed the Sunday Obligation yet, so please use these weekday Masses in place of the Sunday, if you are not able to get to the Vigil/Sunday provision (which we will outline in the next few days).

Monday, 29 June 2020

Just to say...

... that we;'re working on how and when the Churches can open for Mass.

It will be later on in the week that we make the decisions, so stay tuned!

Saturday, 27 June 2020

The Vigil of Ss Peter and Paul

Guidelines for Mass in Church

Yesterday late afternoon we received an email from the Bishop about how to celebrate Mass next weekend.

I have sent a query into him, for which I will have to receive a reply before we can decided where and when Mass will be said. So we will all need a little more patience!

But Mass will be offered somewhere in the four parishes next weekend (4th/5th July).

Thursday, 25 June 2020

News about Mass

We have just read in the Catholic Herald a letter from the Archbishops of England and Wales.

The link is here.

It says in short, that Mass is beginning and it seems that it will be for us to decide numbers based on social distancing. I am not sure that will be the case, but we have not heard from the Diocese yet, so I cannot give you more information.

We will let you know Mass schedules went we have more information.Masses may well be at different times.


Text of the Letter

A Message from the Metropolitan Archbishops of the Catholic Church in England

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ, Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

On Tuesday we heard the announcement that, from the 4th July this year, places of worship will be able to reopen for prayer and services. We welcome this news with great joy. Since the lockdown began, members of all faiths have faced restrictions on how they have been able to celebrate important religious festivals. Our own experience of Easter was unlike any other we have known. Now, in our churches, and with our people, we can look forward again to celebrating the central mysteries of our faith in the Holy Eucharist.

The recent reopening of our churches for individual private prayer was an important milestone on our journey towards resuming communal worship. Our churches that have opened have put in place all the measures needed to ensure the risks of virus transmission are minimised. This includes effective hand sanitisation, social distancing, and cleaning. We remain committed to making sure these systems of hygiene and infection control meet Government and public health standards.

We want to thank everyone within the Catholic community for sustaining the life of faith in such creative ways, not least in the family home. We thank our priests for celebrating Mass faithfully for their people, and for the innovative ways in which they have enabled participation through live-streaming and other means. We are grateful for the pastoral care shown by our clergy to those for whom this time of lockdown has been especially difficult, and, in particular, towards those who have been bereaved. We recognise too the chaplaincy services that have played a vital role in supporting those most in need. Gaining from the experience of all that we have been through, and bringing those lessons into the future, we must now look forward.

With the easing of restrictions on worship with congregations, we tread carefully along the path that lies ahead. Our lives have been changed by the experience of the pandemic and it is clear that we cannot simply return to how things were before lockdown. We remain centred on the Lord Jesus and His command at the Last Supper to “do this in memory of me.” We must now rebuild what it means to be Eucharistic communities, holding fast to all that we hold dear, while at the same time exploring creative ways to meet changed circumstances.

It is important to reaffirm that, at present, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended. A significant number of churches may remain closed as they are unable to meet the requirements for opening for individual prayer. Fulfilling these requirements is a precondition for any church opening after the 4th July for the celebration of Mass with a congregation.

 Please be aware that there will be a limit on the number of people who can attend Mass in our churches. This will determined locally in accordance with social distancing requirements. We therefore need to reflect carefully on how and when we might be able to attend Mass. We cannot return immediately to our customary practices. This next step is not, in any sense, a moment when we are going ‘back to normal.’

We ask every Catholic to think carefully about how and when they will return to Mass. Our priests may need to consider whether it is possible to celebrate additional Masses at the weekends. Given there is no Sunday obligation, we ask you to consider the possibility of attending Mass on a weekday. This will ease the pressure of numbers for Sunday celebrations and allow a gradual return to the Eucharist for more people.

Moving forward, there will still be many people who cannot attend Mass in person. We therefore ask parishes, wherever possible, to continue live-streaming Sunday Mass, both for those who remain shielding and vulnerable, and also for those unable to leave home because of advanced age or illness.

When we return to Mass there will some differences in how the celebration takes place. For the time being, there will be no congregational singing and Mass will be shorter than usual. None of this detracts from the centrality of our encounter with the Risen Christ in the Eucharist. We ask everyone to respect and follow the guidance that will be issued and the instructions in each church.

“As I have loved you,” said the Lord Jesus, “so you must love each other.” (Jn 13:34) The lockdown has brought forth remarkable acts of charity, of loving kindness, from Catholics across our communities as they have cared for the needy and vulnerable. We have seen love in action through charitable works, and through the service of many front-line keyworkers who are members of our Church. Now we can begin to return to the source of that charity, Christ himself, present for us sacramentally, body, blood, soul and divinity, in Holy Communion. As we prepare to gather again to worship, let us, respectful of each other, come together in thanksgiving to God for the immense gift of the Holy Eucharist.

Yours devotedly in Christ

✠ Vincent Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster
✠ Malcolm McMahon OP, Archbishop of Liverpool
✠ Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham
✠ John Wilson, Archbishop of Southwark

This letter is addressed to the Catholic Community in England; the opening of the Catholic Churches in Wales is devolved to the Welsh Assembly who are still evaluating their position on opening Places of Worship

Benedictines and Psalms

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

No news about Mass

We still don't any info about how the Mass will be organised, but I'm sure the Diocese will be in touch soon. It will be the weekend of July 4th, but stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, these are the hours the Churches are open...

Sunday - Cheddar 9.30am-11.30am / Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Monday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Tuesday - Shepton 10.00am-11.00am
Wednesday - Wells 9.30am-10.30am
Thursday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am
Friday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm
Saturday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm

Happy Birthday

St John the Baptist

Mass to resume

...on 4th July, but we're not sure about numbers yet... Or what the Bishops will ask us to do... or...or...!

But that is GOOD NEWS!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Opening Times

These are the times when the four parishes are open:

Sunday - Cheddar 9.30am-11.30am / Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Monday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Tuesday - Shepton 10.00am-11.00am
Wednesday - Wells 9.30am-10.30am
Thursday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am
Friday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm
Saturday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm

Sunday within the Octave of the Sacred Heart

Saturday, 20 June 2020

We're Open!

Sunday - Cheddar 9.30am-11.30am / Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Monday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Tuesday - Shepton 10.00am-11.00am

Wednesday - Wells 9.30am-10.30am

Thursday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Friday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm

Saturday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm

Monday, 15 June 2020

Opening of Churches update


This is what is going to happen. The first of the Churches to open will be Glastonbury on FRIDAY. Sorry there is nothing before then, but come hell or high water, that will happen and then the rota will follow on afterwards.

So here are the next days.

Tuesday - Nothing open
Wednesday - Nothing open
Thursday - Nothing open

Friday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm

Saturday - Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm

Sunday - Cheddar 9.30am-11.30am / Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Monday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Tuesday - Shepton 10.00am-11.00am

Wednesday - Wells 9.30am-10.30am

Thursday - Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am

Pray for us that everything goes OK!

What to do with the Statues?

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Sunday update

So ...

what you see below is provisional. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP. The Churches will still be locked as we have not received PPE from the Diocese.

Glastonbury will not be open on Monday. Shepton will not be open on Tuesday.  I strongly suspect that we will miss Wednesday in Wells also.

We have to go through procedures with Volunteers, so it is not just a matter of "the stuff's here, let's go!"

I'm really sorry. I'll keep letting you know how things are going. 


Monday: Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am 
Tuesday: Shepton 10am-11am
Wednesday: Wells 9.30am-10.30am
Thursday: Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am
Friday: Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm
Saturday: Glastonbury 6.30pm-7.30pm

Sunday: Glastonbury 9.30am-10.30am
Cheddar 9.30am-11.30am

Sunday with the Octave of / Corpus Christi

To follow...update of Churches opening...


they won't be on Monday because we have not received PPE from the Diocese.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Friday Night Update


After we looked at the number of volunteers in each of the four Churches, the state of play seems to be this:

In Cheddar, Wells, and Shepton, there will be one time a week when the Churches are open. This may be for one or for two hours. We are still deciding on the specific days and times.

Glastonbury will be much more frequent, but we are waiting to find out from the others first. This week (due to previous commitments) there may be some gaps.

However: it seems highly unlikely that any Church will be opening on Monday, as we do not have the PPE from the Diocese, and (speaking off the record to someone who should know), we do not think that it will be here in time for Monday. I may be wrong...

I'll keep you informed. 

Announcement of the Opening of our Churches

Please check this blog frequently as I will put up updates as they happen over the next few days about which Churches will be open and when. In the mean time, if you can volunteer (between 18 and 70 with no underlying health problems), then please get in touch with Anne (Ceddar), Charlotte (Wells), Dom Bede or Dom Anselm (Glastonbury & Shepton Mallet).

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Corpus Christi

Homily on Corpus Christi

for an update on the Church openings, see the post below.


Another Update:

We are still working on the times when the four Churches will be open. If you can volunteer to help and be on a rota, then please contact Anne (for Cheddar),Charlotte (for Wells), Fr Bede/Anselm for Glastonbury and Shepton.

To volunteer you must be below 70 years of age and with no underlying health problems. 

Wells, Cheddar and Shepton will be open for two one hour slots (hopefully) and Glastonbury a little more.

We will let you know more details as they come about.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

St Margaret of Scotland

Update on Church opening.

We have to complete a Risk Assessment for the Diocese to OK before we can open the Churches on Monday. We are getting together volunteers and guidelines for the four Churches.

We are aiming at Shepton, Wells, and Cheddar being open for two one hour slots per week for private prayer. This depends on volunteers. We do not have the times of these yet, we will let you know as soon as we have decided. Glastonbury will be a little more frequent, but we have not made definite decisions yet.

Please bear in mind the Government guidelines about who should be out and about, concerning age and medical conditions.

As soon as we know more, and have been able to make more decisions, then we will let you know.

Now... over to St Margaret of Scotland

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The Gift of Giving

Since this was recorded we have received news from the BBC that churches will be able to begin opening for individuals to pray privately from 15th June. Further details will be made available as soon as possible, especially with regard to volunteers.

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Monday, 1 June 2020


Many have been in touch saying how beautiful the garden is. It is thanks to Ray Dyer (and others, but mainly Ray). Sadly Ray died just a month or so ago. We commend his soul to Almighty God, and do our best to keep up this wonderful garden.

Ray Dyer R.I.P.
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