Thursday, 6 September 2018

Vespers to welcome the Karoussos Icons

The Karoussos Icons
Last night saw Solemn Vespers in the presence of His Excellency Declan Lang, Catholic Bishop of Clifton, and Him Eminence Gregorios, Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Thyatira and Great Britain.

His Excellency, Declan Lang
His Eminence, Gregorios

The Bishop, the Archbishop, the Rector of the Shrine
in the backgroud the daughter of the Icons' maker, Katerina Karoussos.
During this the Karoussos Icons, made by Ianis Karoussos and given to the Shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury by the Karoussos Foundation, were blessed by the Archbishop.

There will be more photos of the event in the coming days.

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