Wednesday, 12 September 2018

LMS Glastonbury High Mass

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On the Parochial Feast of the Birthday of the Most Holy and Blessed Virgin, the Shrine of Our Lady of Glastonbury, "the foremost Church in Britain, the fount and source of all religion", was pleased and honoured to host the annual Latin Mass Pilgrimage.

You can see an account on the LMS Clifton website here.

It is wonderful to know that the Rite, feast and language of Holy Mass, which would have been celebrated by the Saints, Martyrs and monks in the Abbey opposite (before its cruel and evil destruction) is once again heard in all its splendour.

The Holy Virgin has been celebrated in Glastonbury from the earliest days of Christianity in our country. She has seen empires and kindgoms rise and fall. She has seen the joy and folly of generations. Our Lady of Glastonbury, our country's first and most ancient shrine, will endure until her Son comes again.

A full set of pictures can be seen following this link.

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