Friday, 6 July 2018

She invites you...

Devotion to Our Lady in Glastonbury is lost in the mists of time. Unlike other places, Walsingham or Lourdes for example, we cannot point to one moment of revelation or to one occasion when prayers to her began to take place here in Glastonbury. Honouring Our Lady in Glastonbury merges into the background of our country, as the Abbey merges into the ground beneath the Tor. Devotion to her has always been here, and the Blessed Virgin has always been honoured here.

These pilgrimages to Glastonbury, however, are different. We do not come to remember something specific that happened in history, rather we come to remember who we are, the background to our lives. And when we are transported from this place, it is not governed by images or visions that have been given to us.

Glastonbury is simply different.

Extraordinary things have happened here: from building the most magnificent Abbey in the land, to the terrible murder of our martyrs, Richard Whiting, Roger James and John Thorne, but through it all, Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury has stood and watched history unfold before her. She has been part of the fabric of this country, even before it was a country.

She it is who has stood sentinel in this place, from the dawn of Christian civilisation, being loved, and loving in return. And she will remain here until her Son comes again. 

She bids you... come.

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