Saturday, 26 May 2018

Evil turns it's eye

Now that Ireland has voted to kill its own children, the eye of evil turns its gaze to Northern Ireland. Here.

How desperately sad it is to see any country turn against its weakest and most vulnerable members, and then sing and dance in the streets.

It reminds me of the Canaanite God Moloch.

We have been killing babies for ages of course, but then the UK is such a civilised place to be. Perhaps Orwell forgot to include the mantra "Progress is abortion, abortion is progress". Why exactly should I be bothered when a refugee is killed? After all the aid agencies would have preferred that she had never existed in the first place - "they have too many babies these developing countries, they cannot look after them, we must teach them about abortion, and then they will be saved. Oh, and we'll not help them if they don't accept contraception and abortion." Nice.

And for anyone out there who still thinks that Amnesty International is a good thing... here. They should take that barbed wire from around that candle and wrap it around the neck of the infant in the womb.

What will be next? I grow weary.

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