Thursday, 1 March 2018

How have we got here?

I was just reading the report on the Catholic Herald website about Cardinal Sarah's comments about "high ranking prelates betraying the Church". And I realised that I didn't even turn a hair. The report is here.

The fact that one Cardinal is calling out Bishops and Abbots for teaching heresy, betraying the teachings of Christ, with a spot of arrogant first-world quasi-colonial post-Christianity thrown in for good measure...

And I simply go on the next article!!!

What has happened to the immutable teaching of Christ? What has happened to the Church standing against the changing standards of society?

In the old days we used to get flustered because the Pope wore a new hat. A NEW HAT!!!

Now, communion for the divorced and remarried is OK, blessing gay couples is OK (according to the Germans), artificial contraception is OK (well, we're having a 'study group'), euthanasia is OK (if you''re a bunch of Belgian brothers)...

There is only one creature who is taking pleasure in this. Only one.

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