Monday, 5 February 2018

What now for Pope Francis?

A victim who was sexually abused by a Priest has said that the Pope has lied to him. The horrible story is recounted here on the Catholic Herald website. Actually it is now in the hands of the Associated Press.

There had been much confusion at Pope Francis' promotion of Bishop Juan Barros in Chile. There were demonstrations when he was installed as Bishop because of his knowledge of the sex abuse. And now, contrary to his public statements, it seems that Pope Francis knew of the situation all along.

This, of course, was made all the worse as Pope Francis claimed that he had never heard from the victims, but now it seems that he had been give a horrendously descriptive 8 page letter in 2015, by Cardinal O'Malley.

As a Priest, let me tell you that you can forget a lot of stuff, but not things like this.

I do not know what is going on here. But I do know that you cannot lie to a survivor of priestly sex abuse.

Or even, with the most generous explanation possible (and then some),  you cannot get yourself into a situation where a victim of priestly sex abuse thinks that the Pope has lied to him... and do nothing about it.

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