Saturday, 17 February 2018


I have been crossing out the "This is..." from the New Lectionaries that the Shrine has bought. The readers stand more of a chance of remembering if there is a nice pencil mark through it. Of course in the great tradition of mutilation of liturgical books, I should have done it in biro - I have several altar missals desecrated by scrawls and crossings out - but pencil it is.

Anyway, I am starting on Volume III. I noticed that the options for the reading for confirmation are as follows:

Old Testament (or New as a first reading ) - 10
Responsorial Psalm - 5
Second Reading - 7
Alleluia - 5
Gospel - 12

Now, any boy who I have taught will be able to tell you that to get the correct number of possible combinations you multiply the numbers together.

So, for the rite of confirmation we have a possible combination of



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