Thursday, 21 December 2017

Pennies for Jesus

I have just changed the charity that receives the Crib Offering in Shepton and Glastonbury. It will now go to the Good Counsel Network. Like many parishes in this diocese, it has previously gone to CCS Adoption. This used to be our adoption agency until the Government forced it to change and it could no longer place children only with families with a mother and father (or occasionally a single parent family). For some inexplicable reason, my Diocese still has a collection for it (though now it is only optional), but CCS send letters to Priests with little cards to put next to the Crib every year.

I am often criticised for changing the crib offering. After all, CCS do a good job in placing difficult to place children, don't they?

I  saw the following on their website:

"At CCS we recognise the strengths and skills that LGBT adopters bring and welcome enquiries from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender adopters. In the last year a third of our approved adopters have been people from the LGBT community."
I have no idea why my Diocese has anything to do with this. 

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