Thursday, 7 December 2017

It's all about the bees

I guess that it all must have begun when I was a school boy. Others went off on rugby club, I did orienteering. Others joined the CCF, I joined bridge club. I preferred fencing to basketball, and long distance running to the 100 yards.

All of this is of no consequence.

The importance of today is the connection with bees. You see, I was part of bee-keeping club at school. Now, don't judge me. Yes, my school had a bee keeping club. The link to my school is here. I do not know if they still have a bee-keeping club. I suspect not, not now that they have ditched the school song.

From this I have always had a great affection for bees. And one  of my ambitions in life is to have some bee-hives. I don't like honey, but I think you can give that away and everyone will be happy.

When I went to Chavagnes, I found it difficult to remember boys names, and there was this boy called Amboise. In French, as you know, Amboise is Ambrose, whose feast day it is today.

But how was I to remember his name??!

Well the key was that he had (and still has) a profusion of muddy blond hair atop his head. And, being a school boy, was seemingly allergic to the use of a comb. (Ah how I remember the days when I myself had to use a comb!).

So this mop of locks atop a chap called Amboise fixed in my mind, and all at once I could see bees coming from it, as if his hair were a bee hive!

Bee hive, extraordinary hair hive, St Ambrose... YES his name is Amboise!

So every year, on this day, St Ambrose's, I remember bees, and Amboise.

Happy bee-hair day.

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