Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Can I trust you? Can you trust me?

"One day all this will be mine. Trust me, I'm a weather forecaster."
"Britons ‘more likely to trust weather forecasters than priests’" 

Now there's an interesting thing. You can see the article here at the Catholic Herald.

My first thoughts were that this must be a result of the scandals which have beset the Church by Priests. And then I thought that it might be the result of people who no longer believe in God and so would not naturally think that a priest would be more likely to tell the truth than anyone else.

And then I though, "Would I trust what a Priest tells me?"

I've made the whole of America a rainbow flag
An odd thing for me to say, you might think, me being a Priest and all. But let me just run through a few things I've had to face since being a Priest. I hasten to add that these are not directed at my predecessor here in Glastonbury and Shepton, but are gathered from my experience of many people who have approached me.

Priests who have told people in irregular unions that they can receive Holy Communion. This is before Pope Francis I has done whatever it is that he has done (frankly I have no clear idea what he has done, all I know is that it is Parish Priests who will have to deal with the fall out - not Bishops, not Cardinals, not Popes). So those Priests have not told the people the truth.

Priests who have told people that their marriages are valid, even though they are not.

Priests who have 'married' couples in Church, again when it was impossible because they still had a spouse living (its called simulating a sacrament, Father, and you are excommunicated for it).

Priests who have told people that they do not need to become Catholics, and that its even better if they don't.

Priests who have said deliberately missing Mass in not a sin, or using contraception is not a sin, or that you don't have to believe in transubstantiation/hell/angels/judgement etc. etc.

Priests who have said that clerical celibacy is just a man made thing and that anyway the Church just imposed it in the eleventh century (a lie).

Priests who say that Jesus did not know what He was doing when He just chose men to be His disciples, and that we can ignore Him because He was just a first century Jew who didn't know better.

Priests who joyfully eat meat on Fridays and tell their people that the Friday rules of abstinence are not binding.

...oh believe me, I could go on and on and on.

Trust me, I'm a Priest
So, would I believe what a Priest says?

Hmmmm, I think I'll ask a weather forecaster what they think about it all.

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