Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Thesis

As a post two down mentioned, just slipping it in there without so much as a by your leave, I submitted my thesis. What this means is that it is now in the hands of an external examiner and an internal examiner. Internal and external to the university, you understand, not internally and externally examining the thesis (my what a fine binding!) or even me (my what a fine binding!).

The title is:

Nostra Aetate and the Covenant: an ill-conceived concept stretched beyond its limits

with, let me tell you, some quite hilarious consequences! I always go for titles. My MPhil was 'De Arca Foederis: concerning the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the Ark of God'. Don't you just want to go and pick that up now...

And my STB was 'The Concept of Synodality in the Ecclesiology of John Zizioulas and Jean-Marie Tillard, and its consequences for Catholic/Orthodox Oecumenical Relations'. For that one I went for the longest and most boring title award, and I think you'll find I won it. Well, in seminary anyway.

So I now await my viva, my oral grilling (yikes, what a thought) sometime after Christmas I guess. Then, pray God, if I pass, a graduation! And then I shall be:

Rev Dr Bede Rowe (available for the cure of the King's evil, rickets and divers nastiness)

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