Monday, 20 November 2017

Backs of Bulletins

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I started writing bits and bobs on the backs of bulletins. They were my own bulletins, I hasten to add. I did not go round to other parishes and write subversive messages on Fr McWhatsit's bulletins, like "Up the revolution", "More cake for Priests", "Say it in Latin, you know it makes sense!". That would be a terrible thing to do... Hmmm...

No, I decided that this was one way in which I could try to catechise my good people with a spot of light 'This is the latest thing that has come into Father's head'. Of course, I am being too modest, they were actually beautifully crafted moments of wonderfulness. And eventually they became "A Walk Through Mass", and "A Guide to Confession" - Not got one yet? SHAME on you, they are available here and here.

So cometh the new parishes, cometh the new backs of bulletins. I'm going through the mysteries of the Rosary bit by bit, and I've decided to put them up on here, on this blog. So you too can be edified (and nick them for the backs of your bulletins). But if you do (nick them I mean, and publish them in books), then know that I will hunt you down like the dogs you are.

Yea my vengeance shall come like a lightning storm, 
destroying all before it, 
with whirlwind and fire, 
a howling gale and a rending of the earth. 

For my fury shall be a righteous fury, 
and my retribution like unto the retribution of God.

So enjoy the backs of my bulletins!

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