Monday, 3 July 2017

Queen or Empress - you chose

From a letter of Franz Rosenzweig to his Mother

“…I told Badt about an incident that was witnessed, I believe, by Moltke1 in the fifties in London. Empress Eugénie was paying a visit to Queen Victoria. A theatrical performance was being given in their honour; they entered the King’s box, approached the railing, thanked the audience, and sat down – Victoria without looking round, Eugénie after she had made sure by a glance that there was a chair. Eugenie was probably more of a person than the tedious Queen, but only Victoria was the descendant of kings.”

Not sure of the moral worth of this story, but how sure is your seat??!


1 Count Helmuth von Maltke (1800-1891), chief of the Prussian General Staff

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