Tuesday, 25 July 2017

And there were booklets

I'm fond of a booklet. There is nothing quite like one for putting you in the mood for the worship of Almighty God. But quite seriously, I think there is something good about knowing that someone has bothered to put something together because they think that it is important.

It's OK, we can still use it next year.
There is a difference between showing a dog-eared order of service, covered in gravy, and chewed at the corner, with a boot print on it, than there is with something which has just been freshly printed. That is why I always try to have things made as beautifully as possible for one off occasions. Even if they are different every year. I cause great consternation by putting the year on various things, like Easter or Christmas booklets. You see it stops me just getting the thing we did last year off the shelf. And it means that when someone comes to Church they have something in their hands which has taken time and effort. If someone can be that bothered, they should I not do a little better, pray a little harder?

Well that's my idea, anyway!

Yikes! A Unicorn Dream Catcher!!!
So I have been making booklets. I love a booklet. It is so that I can hit the ground running in Glastonbury. So far I have Latin/English for the Tridentine Mass, and also booklets for Compline. I want to sing Compline in church most evenings. Glastonbury is a little bit populated by alternative types (witches, unicorns and dream catchers - if memory serves me well from last time I was there), so sung Compline sounds just the ticket. I'm going to fit in very well!

And with snazzy booklets.

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