Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Music of Civilisation

On the Pilgrimage the wonderful Max (when we had finished singing Mfumue) started singing the Our Father in Swahili... as you do.

This is the same Max who preferred to learn the Dies Irae in Latin and the Russian National Anthem (in Russky) instead of studying for his A-Level, so this should not be a surprise.

However, to me, it was the theme tune of a computer game called 'Civilisation'. It was around when I was an Undergraduate (fondly called 'Civ'), and eventually I got a copy and this was the theme tune.

Now Max is seldom wrong (not that he admits anyway) so I looked it up, and it is the Our Father in Swahili, composed by Christopher Tin for the computer game. Wiki here.

The version here is by Brigham Young University choir. Latter day Saints (Mormons to me and you). The site for their uni is pretty damned impressive. I wish we could get Catholics with such fervour. This is my favourite version to date (I have listened to far too many).

And it is bound to be sung on the Chartres Pilgrimage next year, so come along and hear a bunch of scouts and a demented chaplain abroad singing it!

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