Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Off to Glastonbury

My Bishop appointed me as Parish Priest of Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury, and of St Michael Shepton Mallet, when I saw him last week.

We priests always look to the dedications of parishes to see who we've got to work with - rather I suspect in the same way that parishioners trawl the internet to find out about their new Parish Priest!

So I am delighted to have the Archangel Michael, the one who we pray will thrust down Satan and his wicked spirits to Hell. The Devil is prowling around, and who better to have on your side than a time-served Devil-fighter.

And Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury! Our Diocesan shrine (of which I will become the Rector), which is the oldest (I think) to Our Lady in England, possibly further afield, is a place of pilgrimage for generations.

So I am more than lucky with the two patrons of my new parishes.

I will pray for my new parishioners as I prepare to take over the parishes in mid September.

If you are one of them... then pray for me!

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