Thursday, 4 May 2017

When Bishops are Conservatives

I have been mulling over the interview with Archbishop McMahon, and I think it is very instructive that it has come out at just this time.

You see I have been reading Vatican documents for the past three years and so now know all about half quotations, spurious supposition and dodgy theology. So I know that timing is everything. After all, can it really have been a surprise that my own beloved Nostra Aetate was presented at the last minute of the third session of Vat II. They had two days to look over a whole new document and then vote on it. It was passed. They all wanted to get home.

So back to the Archbishop. It seems (according to EVERYONE) that we're sick of election, so I think that this is all a sneaky episcopal plot to brainwash us into voting in the way the Bishops want. I am sure that this is not a plot by any individual bishop, but by the whole episcopal conference. They were created for this, they came into the world after vat II for this...

Who can forget "The Common Good" in 1996, (download it here). It tells you how to vote. Of course some bits are now old hat. Take section 100 for example " It is possible to be both British and European." Not anymore matey.

So I think, that then as now, the Bishops are trying to guide us in our voting intentions. And good for them. Keeps them busy.

If the Bishops think that we should be able to have grammar schools and Labour says no, and the Lib Dems say no, and the Greens say no ...

... we are left with UKIP or the Conservatives.

The Bishops told me to do it!
My Lords, in this, as in all things, I will obey!!!

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