Friday, 26 May 2017

New Cards

After the Chartres Pilgrimage is over, on the next morning we Priests say Mass in the crypt of the Cathedral. They have become much more accommodating and welcoming over the years, but there is still a bit of a harrumpf when it comes to Missals, Vestments and especially Altar Cards.

So what does every well stocked priest need? A set of travelling ones! I'd made some before but they were unsatisfactory. The central one would not stand up. So, I made some new ones. They are rather spiffy, and most importantly, they stand up! (It's all to do with sticky tape, scissors, laminating pouches, a guillotine - don't get too excited dear French readers - but the exact method must remain a secret, or else the 'Worshipful Company of Altar Card Makers' will hunt me down).

So if you're in Chartres Cathedral the day after the Pilgrimage ends and you find yourself in the crypt, then come over and have a gander.

Chartres must be close if I'm printing Altar Cards!

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