Sunday, 14 May 2017

I'm VERY excited...

Browsing through the bulletins of the parishes of one's Diocese can be very instructive. Especially when you are a Chaplain Abroad! And even more when you are a Chaplain Abroad waiting to hear which Parish the Bishop has put you in.

So, this much I know from the website of Corpus Christi Weston-super-Mare. There is a chain (we priests are rather like house moves), which is:

Our Lady, Churchdown Gloucester goes to Corpus Christi, Weston-super-Mare:
Corpus Christi, Weston-super-Mare goes to St Catherine's, Frome

That's all I know. I know that the Bishop and his council met just before Easter, about four weeks ago, so I'm hoping that he will tell me soon where I am going. I still have no idea, but it is not beyond the realms of possibilities that someone out there knows already, so if you do know, send me an email. Go on, go on. As the title says, I'm VERY excited.

And if I am your new parish priest and you are scoping me out, then "HELLO!" We'll have a great time... I have a large number of hats and an inordinate love of GCSE mathematics.

And our Lady.

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