Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Chartres Surplice

Getting ready for Chartres is one of the best times in the year. You have to dig out your walking boots from the place where you threw them last year, and then realise that you should really have cleaned them before making them disappear. You have to check you French Elastoplast stock (different from the English stuff and absolutely essential). And where did you put you spectacles fixing kit?

And then you have to decide what you are going to wear. We Priests walk in cassock, cotta and purple stole to hear confessions as we go along (and in my case a quat' bosse scouting hat - well you would, wouldn't you).
Poor cotta from last year, not too well.
My poor cotta from last year, however, had worn out. It was pretty old to begin with, and the rubbing of the backpack finally made too many holes appear. And I feared that even if I fixed them, they would not last the rigors of the first day.

So, I bought a surplice. Now, these are known almost exclusively as 'Anglican' things, but they came from the English Tradition, so must have been Catholic. And I think we should claim back/celebrate our heritage. And I've always liked the flappy sleeves.

But when it came, it just seemed so PLAIN. And I'm not sure that Our Lady likes plain. So out came the cotton and needles, and the result is as you see it above.

I think I might have to add to it for next year, as the pink bits don't  really come out. But we shall see,

As I like coats of arms (and arms of coats) there are a few. I'll explain them in the next few posts. But to begin here are the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.


Any lecturers reading, this is not why I am about 3 weeks behind in my thesis!

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