Friday, 19 May 2017

A Chartres Surplice - plotting death and theft

One of the next two coats of arms should be easily recognisable for it is the one I made up for myself. As I may have said, I'm very fond of coats of arms. It is the first one that you see above.

I thought that as I had not put my name in the surplice, and if was stolen by an enemy, then I could easily get it back with a swift

"HA, that's my coat of arms, and if you think it's yours, then tell me of the mystical symbolism within it!"
You have to have all your bases covered when you're a chaplain abroad, abroad.

But the second one is not mine at all, but a Clifton comrade,  Fr Redman. You can see him consulting Lenin here. He 'persuaded' me to put it on, but I suspect that his motives were nefarious. You see, should I come to a terrible, suspicious end as we go along, then he can swipe my surplice and claim that it is his own!

You cannot trust Priests when it comes to surplices. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand time, "Never trust a Priest with your surplice."

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