Thursday, 2 February 2017

Happy Oriel Day!

The Coat of Arms of Oriel College
three leopards (lions)

Happy feast day to you! Happy feast day to you!
Happy feast day, dear 'The House of Mary, the Blessed Virgin in Oxford'!
Happy feast day to you!

Front quad of Oriel College
All over the world, old Orielenses celebrate this day, our college feast day. For although as a college, Oriel is know as Oriel, its correct title is that found above, 'The House of Mary the Blessed Virgin in Oxford'. As an Oriel man I am proud both of my institution, which I was privileged to attend for both my MA and MPhil, but even more proud to have been educated in a college dedicated to Our Lady.

The Purification of the Virgin
'But', I hear you cry, 'you're a Castleman now'! And indeed as a member of University College Durham I am a Castleman, but it's rather like your first love, you never quite forget her... So I am both/and, not either/or!

University College Durham
'Castle' - my present alma mater 
Rejoice with me on the Purification of the Blessed Virgin. Rejoice at the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple. Rejoice on the great feast day...

Our Lady of Vengeance
destroying heresy and evil
protecting the Church from malice
...and may the Blessed and Most Holy Virgin Mary, protectress and co-redemptrix, guard our Holy Church for all the wiles of Satan, may she stand victorious with St Michael and all the Angels and Saints.

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