Wednesday, 1 February 2017

For goodness sake...

...will someone please tell me what is happening?

We have the Bishops of Malta saying that the divorced and re-married can receive communion, link here, and now we have the German Bishops saying the same, here.

Cardinal Muller, head of the CDF
And we also have the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith,  Cardinal Muller, link here, saying that this is simply impossible, that unless the couple are living as brother and sister they cannot receive communion.
This is the substance of the sacrament, and no power in heaven or on earth, neither an angel, nor the pope, nor a council, nor a law of the bishops, has the faculty to change it.
This is not just some Cardinal having an opinion (we know that Cardinal's can be completely ignored nowadays) but the head of the Church's Doctrinal body. Is this the Pope's response to the Dubia? Or is Muller about to be axed, in a Franciscan manner?

Behold the axe of mercy
So do we believe the Maltese Bishops? Or the Germans? Or the head of the CDF?


This is fine if you're a bishop, living in your palace, or a bunch of them playing at local government, or even if you're a Pope who lives in a suite of rooms in a hotel, none of whom have to sit down with real people, or know what is going on in their lives. They all seem to have forgotten the laity, who have no idea, or at best a half idea, of what is going on. And of course, they have forgotten the priests (as usual) who have to try to explain this dog's breakfast, and even more worryingly, have to administer what could be "judgment upon himself." (I Cor 11, 28)

And our own Bishops? Thankfully they have not said anything yet.

And no one has the faintest idea of what is going on. But don't worry,  because it only concerns the sacraments of Marriage, Confession and the Eucharist, oh and the salvation of souls.

I was going to say it is like fiddling while Rome burns. But it's not, it's like playing with petrol and matches and then realising that the little game has got a bit out of hand and has now engulfed the world.

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